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Armour @ Railway Stations

Train station advertising offers marketers the opportunity to Target a hard-to-reach audience, at a time when they are waiting around for transport and most receptive to consumer messages.
A Decade of Partnership has developed into good relations with the Indian Railways as their broadcasting partner. Started from a single station in 2003 as a pilot project to provide Passenger Specific Information Systems today we are one of the trusted partners working on PPP model with Indian Railways in India’s top busiest 20 Railway Stations and Sub-urban Stations and we are expanding rapidly.
Aim of Armour Display System is not only to provide the quality service to our Corporate customers but also to ensure that the railway passengers get the desired information about various trains in a manner akin to that which is provided at airports which had been the privilege of chosen few.
We partner with you as a most cost effective Digital-OOH media and solutions provider equipped with global technologies

8 Billion
No. Passengers

Passenger trains

30 million
Passengers daily

15 Billion
No. Passengers
by 2020

10 million+
Maximum Eye ball

TOM recall

30-40 min
Average Time Spent

Peak Aided recall

Digital Display Assets

Immersive visuals display systems to interactive installations we got it all
AV Screens
High Definition
Display Systems
Global Cutting Edge Technology
Video Walls
Centralised Servers Remote Operation Capability
Digital Dual Information Systems
Integrated to Railway Main Server (RMS)

Research Reports

We believe in the effectiveness of our medium – but we also have research reports to authenticate…

NSE – ITC (SAM) – MUMBAI CST & CHENNAI Central Stations

AB – SBI (SAM) – Chennai Central & Egmore Rly Stations

MRSS – Colgate and Star Health – CHENNAI CENTRAL STATION