Armour @ Malls

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly challenging to keep the audience stimulated and to hold their attention requiring more sophisticated techniques to maintain interest. Digital surfaces and interactive screens deliver a variety of data and information, with exciting possibilities to motivate and inspire your audience
Relevant advertisement closer to point-of-purchase can provide Immediate and powerful impact information to the Valuable shopper audience who is in a mood to spend
  • Creating an interactive digital area for the whole family in a shopping center (navigation throughout the mall, games, special offers)
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing interactive advertising points for tenants and other advertisers
  • Qualitative adjustment of customers’ traffic inside the mall
  • Increased visitors’ loyalty
Armour Display Systems is now entering into the Malls and Retail segment across the metros and tier 2 cities to provide rich experience to the shoppers
66% Shoppers notice digital OOH media
19% Purchase after seeing an item on a digital screen
30% Top brands are using Digital Out -of- Home
We partner with you as a most cost effective Digital-OOH media and solutions provider equipped with global technologies