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Digital Out-Of-Home – Media is one of the most Powerful and Cost Effective form of advertising that continues to thrive in this digital Age
Shoppers notice digital OOH media
Purchase after seeing an item on a digital screen
Top brands are using Digital Out – of – Home

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Taking your Advertisements Out of Home Digital way

Be it your Product Launch, Special Offers, Promotions or Ad Campaigns … we run it for you….. How many ever times you want and where you want it …. Most Cost efficient way

We have the widest portfolio of Digital-OOH Display Media Assets and Solutions in India’s busiest, high passenger density 20 busiest Stations and an International Airport across India. We also build, operate and monitor and maintain Digital Display OOH Assets and solutions.

Our Solutions

Simple, Affordable, Effective Digital OOH Medium and Solutions

We have Dynamic Digital Assets which provide Maximum Exposure at High Foot Fall areas to your brand. Advertise to long waiting consumers find it very Hard to Ignore You….
  • Waiting passengers– 59%
  • Average Waiting Time – 35-45 min
  • Brand Recall TOM – 22%
Railway Station
Use our best preferred DOOH communication channel to enhance your brand positioning. Eye-catching advertisements targeting Upscale Global Shoppers.
  • 87% of travelers – Shopping Integral part of trips
  • 68% arrive more than 2 hours before their flight
  • 66% plan in advance what they want to shop
Advertise to the Diverse Target Audience Office goers, Business people, college students, corporate etc., create a TOM brand through our Digital Assets
  • New Age urban commuters
  • Repeated exposure
  • Diverse demographics
Bus Station
Reach to your consumers when they are out for Shopping. Our Display media offers you opportunity to reach every one of our customers with a High Impact Ads
  • Firmly establish brand awareness
  • Generate quick recall
  • Immediate and powerful impact

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Business Owners
Our DOOH media provides a continuous presence 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaches audiences that other media may find hard to tap into
Advertisers are increasingly turning to our DOOH media for their clients where they can target a broad demographic – Reach the Masses

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20+ Locations more than 14 years of Experience & Expertise


"I must appreciate the area you have cover, the visibility and the audibility you have maintained, at both the platform premises i.e. Bombay central and at VT station that is recommendable. I think you people have done a great job, and that's a good sign for a long and healthy relationship. Thanks once again, for all your efforts."
Mr. Sanju Saha TITAN COMPANY, Mumbai


"M/s Armour Display Systems have successfully supplied, installed and have been operating and maintain Integrated digital display and Public announcement systems. Their performance, quality and response levels are of high quality."
G. Gaytri Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager, Indian Railways, Chennai Division

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